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You just need to remember your master password and Enceeper will handle the rest! It's that simple.

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1. Get the latest Enceeper App for your system

  • We open-sourced the App in order for everyone (including us) to feel confident about the security and functionality of the App.
  • We code sign the releases of our App both for macOS and Windows (as an extra layer of protection). We also sign all the binaries of each release with PGP, allowing everyone to authenticate the creator and verify the integrity of the downloaded files.
  • We auto update the App on macOS (if installed via DMG), Windows (if installed via EXE) and GNU/Linux (if installed via AppImage). If installed via snap we push updates to snapcraft, so we got you covered!

2. Choose a strong master password

Create your account with one long, secure master password. A passphrase is the best way to create a strong and memorable master password. Just make sure you do remember it in the future, no one can reset it!

3. Manage your password vault

  • Be assured, everything is end-to-end encrypted
  • Store your accounts, notes etc.
  • Change all your existing passwords (with strong and random ones)
  • Use your passwords across your devices (everything is synced to the cloud)
  • Share passwords (with friends, family and co-workers) Pro

You can use Enceeper for free. Forever!

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